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My patients often come to me in the new year saying their resolution is to look fresh and clear. Start the new decade off right with a combination of our new lasers, Photofrax, Resurfx, and Q-Switch.

Our new machine has different mechanisms of action, basically making it 3 different lasers in one handy unit. Everything about your treatment will be customized to your needs, from the length of the downtime to the strength of the lasers. These lasers are giving patients the skin they have always dreamed of.


The photofrax laser can be used for anything on the body that is discolored. This includes brown or red spots, veins, rosacea, melasma, as well as scars on body and face. It is customizable to get rid of as much or as little as you’d like. This laser is best used in conjunction with at home treatments and in-office peels. Photofrax can help treat active acne flare-ups, reducing inflammation and killing bacteria. This is a great alternative to getting a cyst injection.


For patients looking to improve the texture of their skin, we recommend the resurfx. Texture includes fine lines, stretch marks, pock marks, and scars. This laser is safe for all skin tones and is easily tailored to your skin and specific needs.

Photofrax + ResurFX

Additionally, we can create luminous, almost airbrushed, results when combining the two lasers. The combination therapy can give an all over skin rejuvenation. It will clear brown and red spots, vessels, and improve texture.


The Q-Switch is an exciting addition to our office, as we can now offer tattoo removal. This laser can even handle black and navy tattoos with multiple sessions. The laser is also used for skin toning on the face and body.

I encourage you to reach out to our office for a laser consultation. 2020 will be the year we achieve your skin goals together..