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PRP for Hair Loss in New York, NY

Are your struggling with hair loss that has left you self-conscious? At Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology, we use the most advanced solutions to treat hair loss at its cause with revolutionary treatment options like PRP for hair loss. We welcome patients in New York City, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens with tailored and comprehensive treatment plans.

“Understanding the reason for each person’s hair loss is the key to re-growing hair.”

– Dr. Dennis Gross


What Is PRP for Hair Loss Treatment?

When platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used with the Eclipse MicroPen™, a renewed blood supply and proper nutrient absorption can be stimulated in deprived hair follicles to help support stronger and healthier hair growth. This renewed growth can then help fill in areas of thinning or receding hair. PRP for hairline hair loss and hair loss at the crown can both be performed with the Eclipse MicroPen™.

PRP for Hair Loss in New York, NY
Platelet-rich plasma is a natural serum that’s derived directly from a patient’s own blood cells to initiate the regeneration. The Eclipse MicroPen™ device allows us to infuse the PRP into the skin and penetrate deeper than alternatives to greatly amplify the results of the hair restoration process.

How Much Does PRP Therapy for Hair Loss Cost in New York, NY?

The cost of PRP hair loss treatment depends on many factors including the number of injections you require and whether you can benefit from complementary treatment solutions. To find out your individual cost, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation for a personalized treatment plan.

How Does PRP Hair Restoration Work?

The PRP hair restoration procedure is fairly straightforward and doesn’t take too long to complete. Before the procedure can get underway, your provider will first draw some blood and place it in a special centrifuge where it is spun for around 10 to 15 minutes. This causes the blood to separate into three distinct parts: platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-poor plasma, and red blood cells. The PRP is what’s required for the procedure, and the rest is discarded. The doctor will then apply a topical anesthetic to your scalp and the procedure will begin.

The highly concentrated PRP is injected into the areas of the patient’s scalp that require treatment, and while there may be some mild pain or discomfort while the PRP is being injected, overall, it’s a very safe procedure with virtually no side effects. Once the procedure has been completed, you can return to your normal activities.

PRP for Hair Loss in New York, NY
PRP for Hair Loss in New York, NY

What Are the Advantages of the Eclipse MicroPen™?

At Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology, we have invested in the Eclipse MicroPen™ for PRP hair loss treatment as it outperforms other systems.

  • It’s simple and requires fewer steps than alternative PRP systems
  • There are no foreign components, virtually eliminating any risk of adverse reactions
  • It features a superior rate of platelet recovery
  • It provides a consistent platelet concentration, allowing for predictable performance
  • It’s safe with a high-tech gel providing safe and consistent preparation
  • Various concentration levels and volumes can be used to meet patient needs
  • It provides a high-volume PRP yield with a low per mL cost
  • The entire procedure takes fewer than 30 minutes
  • Only a small yield of blood is required, making it more patient-friendly

Who Is a Good Candidate for PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Ideal candidates for PRP for hair loss are those with fine or thinning hair, androgenetic alopecia (i.e., male pattern baldness, where the hair will be receding along the temples and balding at the top), and any women with male pattern alopecia.

In addition, it should be noted that any patients who have completely lost hair follicles won’t quite be able to get the help they need from PRP hair loss treatment and may instead wish to opt for a hair transplant.

How long does PRP last for hair loss?

Depending on the cause of the hair loss, which will be determined during your visit to Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology, the results of PRP can be permanent. Our expert hair loss specialists will get to the bottom of what is causing the loss in hair, treat the problem and provide you with the right at home regimen both topically and/or orally to maintain your PRP results. Some patients will need additional treatments to maintain regrowth.

Can PRP regrow hair? 

Depending on the cause of the loss in hair growth or lack or re-growth we have seen PRP be immensely successful in bringing the density of hair back to the scalp. We recommend a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists for more information & to find out if PRP is right for you.

Does PRP stop hair loss?

While we have seen PRP help re-grow new hair it is very important to understand why you are having the hair loss in the first place. BY determining if the loss in hair is genetic, hormonal or even stress/environmentally induced we can get to the bottom of how to stop more loss, and encourage new growth.

How many PRP treatments are needed for hair loss?

Each Patients needs and life factors vary, resulting in different treatment plans per person. On average we find that three treatments of PRP, separated 4-6 weeks apart will provide initial results. Pairing PRP with healthy lifestyle choices and topical/oral products can help greater enhance results.

Real Patient Reviews

“Lia Trojansky is the best injector I’ve found in my time in NYC. She has a unique eye for aesthetics and knows how to elevate your natural beauty!”
- Kristine S.


PRP therapy is an effective and non-surgical solution to treat thinning hair and help restore thicker, fuller hair growth. Are you interested in a non-invasive treatment for hair loss? Contact us at Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology to find out if you're a good candidate for PRP for hair loss. We welcome patients in Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the surrounding communities to our New York City office.