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Laser Scar Revision in New York, NY

Are you troubled by a visible scar or a scar that reduces your range of motion? At Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology, we're proud to offer a variety of laser scar revision treatments for everything from burns and surgical scars to acne scars and hyperpigmented scars. We welcome patients in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island to learn more about the treatment options available to improve the appearance of facial and body scars.

What Is Laser Scar Revision?

Laser treatment for surgical scars, acne scars, and other scars uses laser therapy to make scars less obvious and help the texture and color of a scar blend with surrounding skin. At Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology, we offer several forms of laser scar revision tailored to your specific needs.

How Much Does Laser Scar Revision Cost in New York, NY?

The cost of scar revision will depend on the type of scar, the number of sessions necessary, and other factors that determine the best treatment option. Laser treatment for acne scars cost will vary from laser treatment for scars on legs or the treatment of surgical scars. To find out your individual cost for scar revision, please contact us for a consultation. We'll develop a personalized treatment plan to deliver the best possible results and review your cost.

Laser Scar Revision in New York, NY

 What is the Main Cause of Acne?

While some acne can be more circumstantial due to products or makeup, a lot of the time it can be caused by something more internal. It could be from erratic hormone levels (puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy or even menopause), certain allergies (food, seasonal), unhealthy diet and or alcohol/substance use, or simply genetics.

What Types of Laser Scar Revision Do You Offer?

Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology uses state-of-the-art laser technology to treat all types of scars. The best treatment will depend on the type and location of your scarring.


This laser therapy works best for treating vascular problems like broken capillaries and reducing the redness of scars and hyperpigmentation.

IPL Photofacial

The IPL photofacial treatment is effective at treating many types of scars, including keloids, acne scars, and hypertrophic scars, which are raised due to excess collagen deposits. These scars commonly form at the site of cuts, burns, and blemishes.

ResurFX Laser Skin Resurfacing

This fractional, non-ablative laser treatment is effective at treating many scars including acne scars.

How Does Laser Scar Revision Work?

Laser scar revision with an ablative laser is effective at treating extensive or deep scaring and works by removing the outermost layers of the skin. The laser energy breaks down the scar's fibrous tissue structure and encourages the body to heal the damage to the skin and tissue for smoother and flatter skin. With a non-ablative laser like ResurFX, laser energy keeps the skin intact and reduces damage to healthy skin while stimulating new collagen production. This type of treatment is more effective for superficial scars.

Depending on the severity of your scarring, you may need several sessions to achieve your desired results. We can also combine laser scar revision with other treatment options like dermal fillers for depressed icepick or box scars or chemical peels.

What laser scar revision will feel like during the treatment depends on the size and depth of the treatment area and the laser. Non-ablative, fractional laser treatment typically has no discomfort at all. To make your procedure as comfortable as possible, we use a topical numbing cream.

Real Patient Reviews

“Lia Trojansky is the best injector I’ve found in my time in NYC. She has a unique eye for aesthetics and knows how to elevate your natural beauty!”
- Kristine S.

Are you ready to finally be free from scars that are making you feel self-conscious? Contact us at Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology to learn more about how laser scar revision can give you your smoothest and most flawless skin possible. We welcome men and women in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY.