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Laser Tattoo Removal in New York, NY

Do you have a tattoo you regret—or maybe a tattoo that simply hasn't aged well? With state-of-the-art M22 laser tattoo removal at Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology, we can deliver more effective tattoo removal in fewer sessions than ever. We welcome patients in Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and New York City.

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

With tattoos seemingly becoming more and more popular today, so too must tattoo removal. While tattoos are designed to be permanent, sometimes your feelings about a tattoo change or the tattoo ages poorly and becomes a faded, blurred eyesore. Laser tattoo removal is a safe and minimally invasive procedure that works to break up the pigments in the tattoo ink so they can be naturally flushed out of the body.

The inks used for tattoos are made of solid particles, so they can be targeted and eliminated by certain lasers. Factors such as how deep into the skin the pigments are, the type of ink used, and the color of the ink all play a part when considering whether or not the tattoo will be able to be removed completely by laser technology and which type of laser is most appropriate.

Laser Tattoo Removal in New York, NY
The Q-Switch laser that’s featured in the Lumenis M22 releases intense pulses of energy over short durations, which then creates an extremely rapid thermal expansion of the tattoo ink. The pigment then becomes fragmented into particles which are removed by the body.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in New York, NY?

Curious about how much is laser tattoo removal? The cost will depend on the size and color(s) of your tattoo and how many sessions you need to achieve the best possible results. To find out your individual cost, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a consultation. We will review your cost as well as how many sessions you should need.

How Is Laser Tattoo Removal Performed?

With the use of the Lumenis M22 modular aesthetic laser multi-application platform, ultrashort laser pulses are directed over the tattoo in a procedure taking anywhere from around 15 to 45 minutes to complete. The whole treatment should be relatively painless, with some mild heat or a feeling similar to a band-aid being ripped off. Once the treatment is over, the area will start to look white and bubbly and some mild swelling and redness should come and go over the course of a day or two.

The M22 also employs a “Top Hat” beam profile, which is designed to minimize any epidermal damage and changes to tissue texture and to prevent any scarring. The M22 is the most precise tool for laser tattoo removal as it can drastically reduce the opportunities for any hot spots to occur in the beam, thanks to a homogeneous distribution of energy.

How Many Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions Do I Need? 

Depending on the nature of the tattoo that’s being removed (i.e. its size and its location), the number of laser tattoo removal sessions required can vary. After an initial consultation, we will be able to give you an estimate on the number of sessions you will likely require. With each session you should be able to see the tattoo gradually fading away to the point where only you will be able to see any trace of its previous existence, if you can even see anything at all.

How quickly you heal will determine how often you need to wait between sessions. Sessions may be scheduled anywhere from four to 12 weeks apart as the body heals and clears away pigment from the tattoo. It often helps to look at laser tattoo removal as something of a project that you can return to work on every once in a while. You can view laser tattoo removal before and after photos from Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology to get an idea of how tattoo removal progresses between sessions.

Real Patient Reviews

"Over a decade of care for my family of five, and it is always flawless! I love the staff and Dr. Gross and Dr. Reich. They are so helpful and user-friendly and very wise and conservative. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
- Liz C.

Looking for effective laser tattoo removal near me? Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology strives to be your first choice with state-of-the-art laser technology to effectively remove all colors of tattoos in the fewest number of treatments possible.