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Botox® in New York, NY

Botox® is considered a neuromodulator, meaning it is injected into the muscle to help the muscle relax, resulting in a weaker line or wrinkle. A weaker line or wrinkle will give the patient an overall smoother, more awake and more refreshed look. Dr. Gross has been expertly injecting neuromodulators for his patients for over 15 years. He believes in a conservative look, providing the patient with beautiful, natural enhancements. Interested in Botox® injections in New York City, Staten Island, Queens, or Brooklyn? Visit Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology for a consultation to learn more. 

“These are many new and exciting wrinkle treatments now. My job, after listening and examining you is to customize a wrinkle treatment that fits your unique needs. That’s the key to natural looking results.”

– Dr. Dennis Gross


Will Botox® Make Me Look Frozen? 

Dr. Gross and his staff are expert injectors and can help patients achieve the exact look they are trying to achieve. There is certainly a perfect way to get a more refreshed and rested finish without looking completely frozen.

Botox® in New York, NY

How Much Does Botox® Cost in New York, NY?

The cost of Botox® injections in New York depends on the treatment area, the number of units you need to achieve your desired results, and how often you return for maintenance sessions. To find out your individual cost, please contact us to schedule a consultation for a tailored treatment plan. 

Where Is Botox® Injected?

  • Glabella (11s) - the lines in between your eyebrows
  • Crows feet - the lines that fan out from the outer corners of the eyes
  • Forehead lines - the wrinkles that appear horizontally across the upper forehead
  • Perioral - to reduce the appearance of the fine lines around the mouth
  • Bunny Lines - sides of nose
  • Neck - to reduce lines & crepiness on the neck

How Long Will Botox® Results Last?

Generally, most products will last 3-4 months, although some patients can notice residual results up to 6 months.

 How Much Botox® Will I Need?

The amount of product will vary person to person. The severity of the lines and the areas that are looking to be treated will determine the amount needed to achieve the desired result.

How Soon Will I See Results From Botox®?

Most patients see improvement within several days of injection with Botox®. The result will usually last about three to four months at which point the muscle action gradually returns and the lines and wrinkles or sweat begin to reappear. You can view our Botox® before and after pictures to get an idea of the type of results you may see.

Is Botox® Safe?

Yes, in experienced hands. Botox® has a long, safe history of use and has been approved for use in over 75 countries. Botox® was FDA approved in 2002.

Botox® Case 1

Botox® Case 2

Real Patient Reviews

"I have been cared for by Dr. Dennis Gross for many years, and always receive thorough, professional care. Since I was a sun lover for many years, I develop skin cancers, especially on my face. Dr. Gross is such a great surgeon, my scars are barely visible. Plus he is so kind and reassuring, as is his staff."
- Dorothy C.


Which lasts longer, Dysport or Botox?

In general, Dysport and Botox both typically last 4 to 6 months. Our goal is to make your treatment last as long as possible. That means each individual is assessed for which product will give them the best and longest results. That is the purpose of the consultation and will be discussed fully with you.

Is Dysport as good as Botox?

Yes they are equally good but undoubtedly one is superior to the other for any given individual. It depends on exactly where the wrinkles lie and how intense they are. Sometimes a combination of both are used in the same individual. This concept is referred to as “customizing “the treatment which will be assessed and explained during your consultation visit.

What is stronger Botox or Dysport?

They are equally strong but have a different way of working. The goal is to choose the most natural and strongest product for any given individual. Botox, in general, is very strong and stays exactly where injected. On the other hand, Dysport spreads out a little bit like a pebble thrown into a very still lake that forms tiny ripples.That effect is desirable for people with that for people with have wrinkles that are wide in length. Choosing between the two depends on the individual‘s needs giving them the most natural and longest lasting results.

Can dysport lift your eyebrows?

Yes and it’s one of the special skills possessed by Dr. Dennis Gross. This is a very refined procedure because not only must the brows be lifted, but their shape must be perfectly suitable to the rest of a persons face. Furthermore there is a difference between the inner and outer brow. In the end, brightening the eyes and reducing extra skin on the upper lid is the beauty of the “brow lift technique“.

How much does a lip flip cost in NYC?

Depending on the patient's desired outcome, a lip flip can cost around $400.

Does lip flip actually work?

A lip flip is a great trick and alternative to classic lip filler. By placing a little botox or dysport on the border of the lip, you can actually lift the lip in order to make it appear fuller, and you don’t have to worry about changing the shape- or it appearing too obvious.

Can you reverse a lip flip?

With using botox or dysport to perform the lip flip- the results can last 3-4 months. You cannot reverse botox or dysport, although it starts to lighten up within 8 weeks of injection. There is little to no adverse reaction.

Ready to see the difference that Botox® can deliver? Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology delivers more than 15 years of experience performing Botox® injections for men and women in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about how you can benefit from Botox®. ty to help you achieve the beautiful, glowing skin you deserve with a customized treatment plan that includes state-of-the-art acne treatments. We welcome patients in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New York City. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation to learn more about how we can help.