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Non-Surgical Body Contouring in New York, NY

If you're struggling with problem areas like your neck, stomach, or thighs, non-surgical body contouring in New York can be the solution you're looking for. Non-invasive body sculpting can address stubborn fat deposits for a sleeker figure and better-fitting clothes without the risk or downtime of surgery. Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology is proud to offer body contouring procedures to men and women in Queens, New York City, Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY.

“A painless treatment that takes inches of fat off your body is a true scientific breakthrough.”

– Dr. Dennis Gross


What Is Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

Non-invasive body contouring is a broad term that refers to procedures that tighten the muscle or skin, address lax skin, or reduce fat deposits. These treatments can use many forms of technology like ultrasound energy, radiofrequency (RF) energy, or cryolipolysis (fat freezing) to address problem areas and reduce fat without surgery.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring in New York, NY

How Much Does Non-Surgical Body Contouring Cost in New York, NY?

The cost of non-surgical body contouring depends on the areas you want to treat, how many sessions are needed to achieve your desired results, and the type of body sculpting that will work best for you. To find out your individual cost for body contouring, please contact us to schedule a consultation to develop a tailored treatment plan.

What Types of Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Do You Offer?

Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology is proud to offer several leading non-surgical body contouring brands to help you achieve your goals. Our boutique practice will work with you to review your options and develop a tailored treatment plan with the most appropriate body sculpting solution.

  • SculpSure
    • SculpSure uses laser technology to safely reduce fat deposits with heat in a non-invasive treatment. This procedure is typically used to treat the flanks and abdomen.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

Non-invasive body contouring treatment offers many advantages as an alternative to treatments like liposuction, including:

  • Fast recovery with little or no downtime
  • Avoid the risk and downtime of surgery
  • Permanent or very long-lasting results
  • Can address multiple problem areas
  • May tighten skin while reducing fat deposits

Real Patient Reviews

"Over a decade of care for my family of five, and it is always flawless! I love the staff and Dr. Gross and Dr. Reich. They are so helpful and user-friendly and very wise and conservative. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
- Liz C.

Are you ready to say goodbye to stubborn problem areas and enjoy a sleeker figure and improved confidence? Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology is proud to offer the most advanced non-surgical body contouring procedures in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more about which treatment option can best help you achieve your goals.