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Total Body Digital Photography in New York, NY

Dermatology is a very visual specialty. Detecting skin cancer and assessing moles and other lesions relies on visual analysis, but total body digital photography can be a powerful tool in skin examination. At Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology, we offer total body photography to improve the accuracy and efficacy of dermatological skin examinations and ensure the greatest quality of care. We serve patients in New York City and the surrounding communities of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens, NY.

“Early detection of skin cancer can be lifesaving. Self–examine your skin every season and come in for a skin check once per year. Sun exposure from years ago can still cause skin cancer today.”

– Dr. Dennis Gross

How Much Does Total Body Photography Cost in New York, NY? 

Total body photography is an affordable solution to managing the health of your skin and detecting skin cancer as early as possible. In many cases, TBP is also covered by health insurance. To find out your individual cost, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Total Body Digital Photography in New York, NY

What Is Total Body Digital Photography?

During total body photography, most of your skin is documented with a series of sectional digital photographs. Total body photography (TBP) is a tool used by dermatologists to assess and monitor moles, freckles, and skin lesions to check for skin cancer. Full body photography is often recommended if you have a personal or family history of:

  • Non-melanoma skin cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Dysplastic nevi
  • Atypical nevi

With total body imaging, your dermatologist can monitor changes in existing pigmented lesions and moles and quickly detect new moles or lesions. It's also a valuable screening tool for melanoma.

A TBP session usually takes just a few minutes. While it may seem awkward or a bit uncomfortable, it's an important tool in protecting your health.

What Are the Benefits of Total Body Photography?

Total body photography is primarily a tool for detecting skin cancer early, especially in people who are considered high-risk, such as those over 50 and patients with a history of skin cancer. In one study, a digital dermatoscope alone increased the chance of detecting melanoma by 17 percent. Total body photography has also been found to improve detection of melanoma that doesn't fit a standard clinical profile.

TBP helps your dermatologist create a map of the moles, pigmented lesions, and freckles on your body. If you have many moles or lesions, this map makes it easy to ensure nothing is missed and changes in size, color, or texture are detected as soon as possible.

Real Patient Reviews

"Dr Gross is amazing He has a wonderful bedside manner. He is patient. Explains everything he is going to do. His technique is excellent and the results are magnificent"
- Ann R.

At Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology, we take pride in delivering the most advanced medical and cosmetic solutions to our patients. Total body digital photography is a powerful tool that can save lives and money by helping us detect deadly melanoma as early as possible, which means a reduced need for surgery or invasive treatments. If you are concerned about monitoring moles or if you are already considered high-risk for skin cancer, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in New York City and the surrounding communities of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.