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The personal philosophy of dermatologist and skin cancer research scientist Dr. Dennis Gross has held steadfast 25 years of practice: anyone can achieve beautiful, healthy, more youthful-looking skin. Dr. Dennis Gross’ customized approach to cosmetic and medical dermatology means you’ll always see the optimal results for you and your skin’s needs.

The goal at our practice is to give each patient a personalized, positive, relaxing experience with complete confidentiality and privacy. Dr. Dennis Gross trains each of his medical aestheticians to practice his professional treatments, customizing them to suit every patient’s individual needs. We aim to provide you with the most advanced dermatological and aesthetic treatments for visible, dramatic results, whether your concern is anti-aging, acne, or other, revealing naturally refreshed, healthy, beautiful skin.

We are proud to have one of the best-trained medical teams in the country. Each member of our medical team is trained directly by Dr. Dennis Gross and Dr. Hilary Reich in the latest and most advanced skincare treatments, to ensure each patient receives the best possible, customized care for her or his individual desired results. This rigorous training sets a higher standard for our staff and results in a team that is truly dedicated to delivering healthy, natural-looking beautiful skin.


Dr. Dennis Gross M.D.

Nationally Recognized Leader in clinical, cosmetic and medical Dermatology.


Dr. Hilary L. Reich, M.D.

Board Certified Dermatologist.



Courtney Brooks

Medical Aesthetician

Courtney’s interest in skincare started in high school while growing up outside of Boston. Courtney sought out innovative skincare treatments, such as ultrasonic facials and chemical peels, to clear her acne prone skin. Today, Courtney’s fascination with skincare continues; having worked side by side with Dr. Dennis Gross for years, Courtney ascribes to his philosophy of customizing skin care and treatments for each patient’s skin and needs. Courtney specializes in chemical peels, cosmetic laser treatments, and cosmetic skin analysis.


Valentina Budnyatsky

Medical Aesthetician

Valentina has had a passion for skincare since her childhood in the Ukraine. She received her aesthetics license at New York’s Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics. Valentina is an expert in aesthetic treatments and she works along with the team to help her patients achieve beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin. She’s specializes in a variety of treatments customized for every patient including chemical peel and laser therapy.


Tanya Rivera

Senior Medical Assistant

Senior Medical Assistant Tanya Riviera has been working side by side with Dr. Dennis Gross since 2003. Tanya is dedicated to delivering world-class dermatological care. She answers questions, prepares patients for treatments, and ensures every patient’s concerns are addressed with compassion and expertise. “My goal is to educate and inform our patients so they’re relaxed and comfortable for every procedure.”


Dr. Dennis Gross is a nationally recognized dermatologist for his innovative and personalized approach to skincare for optimal results; for his ability to create—with injectables and fillers—the most beautiful, natural look; and his skin cancer experience and research background, an essential combination that’s the reason his clients come back to him year after year.

But more than that: Dr. Dennis Gross makes his clients feel comfortable in his offices, allaying concerns and discussing the best options with you, based on what you want. This is a philosophy that is embraced by all members of his team.

  • Personalized skin care
  • State-of-the-art treatments
  • Skin cancer expertise


Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is the foundation for beautiful skin. That is Dr. Dennis Gross’ core philosophy. This includes diagnosing and treating skin problems and performing regular skin cancer checks.

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As a leader in the field of chemical peels, our team will help you choose the right peel for you. The wide variety of lasers and light treatments that we offer can also help you achieve youthful radiance.

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Youthful Beauty

Dr. Dennis Gross is one of the leading experts nationwide in creating the most natural looking face—for you. Using the very latest injectables and fillers, Dr. Gross will help restore the most beautiful, natural version of you.

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